Clean Aviation Forum 2022

The Clean Aviation programme is built on three key thrusts, each with targeted R&I and demonstration efforts driving the energy efficiency and the emissions reduction of future aircraft. Each thrust will develop technologies and enablers, leverage essential knowledge and capabilities, and de-risk the identified technologies and solutions, where further maturation, validation and demonstration is required to maximise impact.

Re-imagining Europe’s path to climate-neutrality: Clean Aviation takes off is the title of the first Clean Aviation Forum, which will take place on 22-23 March 2022.

During the two-day Forum, we will showcase innovative research powered by Clean Sky and discuss the ambitions of the new Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking. It will paint a picture of how the future of aviation will look like and how the industry can be reshaped to achieve climate-neutrality by 2050. The Forum will bring together European industry leaders, research centers, SMEs, and universities, as well as representatives of the European Commission, the Parliament, and the Member States.

More information and a registration link can be found here.

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