Aerodata awarded by Turkish Aerospace

Aerodata has been awarded by TURKISH AEROSPACE with a contract for the delivery of three Automatic Flight Inspection Systems (AFIS) together with the integration into two Cessna Citation Latitude and one Longitude, ground support equipment, training and a spare part package.

Aerodata has been selected as supplier, since the proposed package reflected the best technical solution and the most economical offer.

The customized flight inspection systems will include various enhancements, e.g. equipment for RF interference detection and localization, a camera positioning system, observer display and flight inspection functions for ADS-B In- and Out.

The aircraft modification and system installation will by certified by an EASA STC.

The three flight inspection aircraft will be operated by GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF STATE AIRPORTS AUTHORITY (DHMI).

The award of this contract forms the beginning of a long term relation for provision of maintenance service and support for the future.

Source: AERODATA, 28.02.2022



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