Our mission

We are committed to ensuring that Niedersachsen develops into one of the leading aerospace locations in Europe in terms of research and production, uniting the entire value chain from planning through construction and operation of aircraft to recycling at a single location. This is accompanied by the preservation and creation of highly qualified jobs. The focus of our activities is always on adding value for companies.


Our fields of activity

Location marketing

Brand building for Niedersachsen and the creation of international market access.


Initiation, support and marketing of innovative industry-specific and cross-industry projects "Aviation made in Niedersachsen".


Development of regional, North German, European and international cooperation.


Strengthen and complete value chains further.

Our services

Creating market access

Especially in the international arena, our companies in Niedersachsen are dependent on achieving sustainable access.

Suitable financing solutions

Especially for medium-sized companies, it can be difficult to have an overview of the wide range of possibilities.

Expert information and market transparency

We see ourselves as an information service provider for our companies in Niedersachsen and are constantly up to date on current developments in business, science and politics.

Location consultancy

Niedersachsen as a location offers your company many advantages. Various regions in Niedersachsen have very individual strengths to offer in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Project development

An essential task of ours is the initiation and, if required, the management of projects.

Boards and Councils


Working groups

In order to face the challenges of aviation and aerospace in positioning themselves in the global value chains and to strengthen their position in the market, our partner companies have come together in working groups.


Advisory council

The Advisory Board acts as a representative of the interests of the companies within Niedersachsen Aviation. As a reflection of the market, it has the task of advising us on the content of strategy development.


Steering committee

The steering committee is the supervisory and steering group of Niedersachsen Aviation.