Initiated by the state of Niedersachsen, Niedersachsen Aviation was formed to connect aerospace companies and provide a platform for exchange, cooperation and information.

We enhance the competitiveness of the aerospace sector and provide support for businesses, research, institutions and ensure effective collaboration between economy, science and politics.

Sonderkonditionen für Messen und Konferenzen

Mit der AIRTEC MUNICH, dem 10. Aviation Forum Hamburg, der AEROMART Toulouse und dem AITS Bremen 2021 stehen dieses und nächstes Jahr attraktive Messen und Konferenzen im Veranstaltungskalender. Wir freuen uns, Ihnen für diese Marktplätze Sonderkonditionen für Standfläche und Teilnehmergebühren anbieten zu können. Detaillierte Informationen finden Sie in der Folge.

10th Aviation Forum

At the Aviation Forum Hamburg, more than 800 decision-makers and experts from the aviation industry will meet to discuss future developments and challenges. The group of participants consists of OEMs, manufacturers and suppliers at all tier levels, political decision-makers and thought leaders from Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Aeromart Toulouse 2020

The 13th edition of AEROMART Toulouse will be held from December 1st - 3rd, 2020.

AITS Bremen 2021

Due to Covid-19, AITS 2020 is postponed to February 23rd - 25th, 2021!

Aviaspace Bremen will be hosting Aeronautics & Space Innovative Technology Summit (AITS) from February 23rd - 25th, 2021 in Bremen. BCI Aerospace will coordinate.