State aid to support the economy in context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

On 23 March 2022,  the European Commission has adopted a Temporary Crisis Framework to enable Member States to use the flexibility foreseen under State aid rules to support the economy in the context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Berlin Aviation Summit 2022

In times of political and societal demand for emission-free aviation, the future of aviation is under close scrutiny. What are the major challenges for the commercial aviation business in the future? Will passengers be willing to pay the bill for climate-neutral aviation?

Aerodata awarded by Turkish Aerospace

Aerodata has been awarded by TURKISH AEROSPACE with a contract for the delivery of three Automatic Flight Inspection Systems (AFIS) together with the integration into two Cessna Citation Latitude and one Longitude, ground support equipment, training and a spare part package.

Clean Aviation Forum 2022

The Clean Aviation programme is built on three key thrusts, each with targeted R&I and demonstration efforts driving the energy efficiency and the emissions reduction of future aircraft.

Speed-Match 2022 International Networking Event

Speed Match International Networking Event 2022 will be organized on 27-28 April 2022. The event will focus on the aviation, railway and automotive sectors together.

US Market Entry Bootcamp

This virtual workshop is an intensive, 4-day virtual training that will equip German-based companies with the tools they need for a successful entry into the US market.