RaumfahrtDue to the commercialization of the space sector, which was previously dominated by states and space agencies for a long time, this area has been subject to a high degree of momentum in recent years. The space sector, and especially the field of new space, also offer numerous opportunities for Niedersachsen and its companies. Excellent research infrastructure already exists or is being further expanded. Niedersachsen's space competencies go beyond research and development. Niedersachsen is also an active location for the production of space-related goods and services. Numerous companies in Niedersachsen are already writing success stories and there are promising approaches.

The AeroSpace Park Trauen is a unique feature of Niedersachsen in the field of space travel. In autumn 2020, the laying of the foundation stone marked the start of the development of an innovation cluster and national competence center to work on technologies for the aerospace of the future and safety-relevant issues and applications. The DLR Responsive Space Cluster Competence Center (RSC³) is located in Trauen. The RSC3 aims to establish a technology base in the context of Responsive Space and to carry out technology demonstrations. Technologies in the entire architecture, consisting of space, ground, launch and mission segments, are investigated and further developed. Following the cluster concept, the competence center works in close cooperation with existing institutes and facilities at DLR as well as with end users and industry. The ArianeGroup site in Trauen is home to the only hydrazine conversion plant in Europe: refining hydrazine to various purity levels, converting it into fuel for satellites or gas generators.

For example, INVENT GmbH, a company based in Niedersachsen, specializes in fiber composite technology. Their products are used in conventional satellites, small satellites, probes, rovers as well as space stations and launch vehicles. Aljo Aluminium-Bau Jonuscheit GmbH, in turn, is a Lower Saxony-based manufacturer of aluminum components and assemblies for the aerospace industry, whose products can be found in various space programs. While the Niedersachsen SME ConSecur GmbH, for example, develops cybersecurity solutions for the International Space Station ISS.

Current information on the companies, research institutions, initiatives and projects in the space sector mentioned above can be found here:

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